Most of our clothes are wrapped using materials made from recycled plastic.

We use as little as possible to avoid any unnecessary packaging.

Some of our clothes have to be wrapped individually in protective packaging to ensure that you receive them in perfect condition. We avoid individual wrapping wherever possible. This is the case for all our accessories, tights and socks.

We adjust the size of the parcel according to each order to avoid wasting materials.

We use packaging from the European Union, which is made from 60% recycled materials that are ISO 14001 certified. This certification reflects our commitment to environmental management as well as our efforts to reduce the environmental impact of our production.

We are careful to recycle all our paper, cardboard and plastic packaging so that it can be reused. This means we send almost 20 tonnes of paper, cardboard and plastic to be reused every year. The recycled plastic is then transformed for other uses.

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